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Sales and Marketing

Find new customers with mybys! In a few seconds, make your business proposal appear on their computer, tablet or phone. No app to download. It doesn’t matter the network they are using. They can even be on the road!

Information technology

Experience remote technical support with mybys! See and take control of your colleague’s computers with their permission.

Engineering and Construction

Share all your concepts with mybys! Present your plans and share any documents with your customers even if they work in ultra secure networks. Contact them wherever they are in the world with our international access numbers.

Finance and Insurance

Submit remotely quotes and contracts with mybys! Explain each of the terms of your contracts in real time, no matter where your customers are and at any time of the day.

Medicine and Health care

Give distance training with mybys! Your teams will be able to use your computer, tablet, or phone to attend your training from and out of the workplace.

Law and Public Affairs

Present any document without risk with mybys! Show your screen, without leaving a digital trace, to anyone, no matter where it is. Get approvals and deliver the final version by hand.