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Instant screen sharing for all your calls!

Spontaneously show your screen to anyone, anywhere, on any device, as easily as a making a phone call.

The mybys Instabinar solution guarantees connection with anyone, without downloads or apps to install - PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones.

Forget Webinar,
Use Instabinar

Traditional webinar solutions are complex :

  • Presenters need to receive prior training;
  • Participants must install a software, a plugin or an app to join the webinar;
  • Connection problems may occur depending on the complexity of networks, and they often require a technician’s intervention;
  • Most webinar solutions are invoiced yearly, on a per-user license basis, payable in advance whether used or not.

In short, these complications limit the use of webinars on a daily basis. As a result, despite the availability of modern technological platforms, the vast majority of people end up making phone calls only.

They use mybys

Mybys allows our call center agents to assist all Opus Card users quickly, whether they use a mobile phone or a computer.
Mybys makes all our phone calls much more dynamic and interactive. It brings all our communities closer together, even the most remote.
Les Premières Nations canadiennes
Based worldwide, all our specialists assigned to aircraft maintenance use Facilis solutions several times a day to efficiently communicate with one another.
Air Canada
Facilis solutions help our employees to remotely interact with our customers, spontaneously, simply and efficiently.
Mybys is deployed on all our employees’ computers. They can use it without restriction. Even without training, our employees quickly adopted mybys for remote collaboration.
Norda Stelo
Air Canada