Why mybys ?

Bring your calls to life: a picture is worth a thousand words! Why do without? With mybys, you can share everything on your screen.

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mybys screen share

­Share your Screen Instantly

Why limit yourself to ordinary phone calls? Enhance your calls with mybys: Display all of your screen’s content with a single click!

Impress your colleagues and clients with instant access to relevant information, when required.

Keep control of your communications! Present live information to your partners instead of sending it by email.

Forget webinars,
move on to

Collaborate online
in no time

Share your screen exactly when you need to. mybys was specifically designed for today’s hectic environment where collaboration needs to be fast and spontaneous.

Increase your Organization’s

Save time with the mybys instabinar solution; share the right information, get to the point and make the right decisions. Avoid unnecessary work by sharing the same screen.

Warning: Performance Increases with Use !

Do your colleagues spontaneously share their screen with their collaborators? If the answer is no, it is because they have not tried mybys yet, and the performance of their organization is suffering.

Technology becomes an ally

Start your meetings on the right foot with a user-friendly solution that requires no prior installation or training. With mybys, you can use technologies to their full potential: computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Welcome to the 21st Century

Adding mybys to your calls is like moving from radio to television. mybys offers hypermobility and takes advantage of all screens connected to the Internet.

­A Universal Video Solution

mybys PRO can connect you to all videoconferencing systems (ex. Polycom, Tandberg). Participants can join a video session with Skype for Business, any web browser, tablet, smartphone or another videoconference room.